Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Finding Balance with Physiotherapists, Tera Mezynski and Kerry Carlson

    2. Disclaimer

    3. Intro to Finding Balance

    4. Activity: Name and Clap, Walk and Stop, Jump and Dance

    1. Systems of Model of Balance

    2. Activity: 4 Walls Game

    3. What Influences Balance? Aren't bears hibernating in winter?

    4. Influences on Balance

    5. Say What I Say, Do What I Say, Or Don't with Tera's Family! WE LOVE this fun activity!

    1. Vestibular and BPPV

    2. Dix Hallpike Test

    3. Epley Maneuver

    4. Vestibular and BPPV Continued

    1. Vestibular and Visual Exercises

    1. Centre of Gravity and Base of Support

    2. Key Points on Center of Gravity and Base of Support

    3. Building a Foundation: What Does That Mean?

    1. Tera Using her "Strategies"

    2. Ankle, Hip, Stepping, and Suspensory Strategies

    3. Strategies You can Use on a Snowy Lake Pier

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