Tera Mezynski and Kerry Carlson

Physical Therapists

Tera Mezynski, B(Sc) Kinesiology, M(Sc) Physical Therapy Tera has worked in a health industry for over fifteen years in settings that include hospital, private practice, and exercise rehabilitation. Prior to obtaining a master's degree in physical therapy, she worked as a kinesiologist. Tera has a variety of techniques in her toolkit including vestibular rehab, advanced exercise prescription, acupuncture, muscle energy, concussion rehab and postural analysis. ​ Tera has extensive training in lower extremity arthroplasty and has helped to develop surgical pathways. Neuromuscular exercise, muscle patterning and exercise prescription are some of her areas of expertise and passion. Tera's presentation style and knowledge will engage you during the session whether in person or virtual. Her enthusiasm is contagious. ​ Kerry Carlson, B(Sc) Physiology, B(Sc) Physical Therapy ​ Kerry has 25 years of experience in all areas of physical therapy including injury rehabilitation and health promotion. Prior to physical therapy, she was a research assistant in the Physiology department at UBC. Kerry is also a BCRPA certified Trainer of Fitness Leaders and her passion lies in promoting active lifestyles for all ages. She believes a little movement throughout the day goes a long way and that small changes can dramatically improve our health outcomes. Kerry believes that movement needs to be for all ages and in the power of habit. ​Kerry has a gift for dual task and cognitive exercise. Her exercise programs for 1:1 and group for vestibular, cognition and dual task that are second to none. Kerry has a love of research and professional development for herself and those around her. She is an unbelievable presenter who shares her knowledge of research in such a way that you can't help but be drawn in and enthused. Join Kerry and you will leave a feeling energized and ready to implement what you have learned!