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    1. Welcome to "Optimizing Shoulder Function"!

    2. Disclaimer

    1. Section 1: Functional Anatomy

    2. The shoulder: Great mobility but what about stability?

    3. Shoulder Labrum

    4. Capsular Pattern of the Shoulder? What is this?

    5. Shoulder Capsule, Ligaments, Bursae

    6. Let's Get the Shoulder Moving. What is normal range of motion?

    7. What is circumduction?

    8. Movements of the Shoulder Complex

    9. Intro to the Shoulder Complex

    1. Scapular Movements

    2. Scapular Movements

    3. Let's eccentrically strengthen Tera's weak serratus anterior!

    4. A demo of Scapulohumeral Rhythm

    5. Scapulohumeral Rhythm

    6. Scapula Force Couple

    7. Shoulder Positioning

    8. Scapular Dysfunction

    1. How to Optimize Shoulder Function: Mobility through Stability with Rotator Cuff

    2. Shoulder Mobility and Stability

    1. What are the common shoulder injuries we see? Subacromial impingement!

    2. Subacromial Impingement

    1. How Common is Shoulder Osteoarthritis? Replacements?

    2. Frozen Shoulder and Osteoarthritis (OA)

    3. OA of the shoulder

    4. Surgical Intervention for OA

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