Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to "Optimizing the Kinetic Chain" with Tera and Kerry from Active Initiatives!

    2. Why Optimize the Kinetic Chain?

    3. Introduction Optimizing the Kinetic Chain

    4. Importance of Kinetic Chain Alignment

    5. Kerry running with improved lung capacity

    6. Thorax and Diaphragm in Kinetic Chain

    7. The Cannister and Increased Lung Capacity

    8. Muscles of Respiration in Passive and Active Breathing

    9. Pelvic Floor and Cross Country Skiing

    10. Pelvic Floor Muscles

    11. The Pelvic Floor and our Menopausal Clients

    12. Glottis (Vocal Folds) and Balance

    13. The Cane Demo: Forward Head and Chin Poking Posture!

    14. Reduced Risk of Headaches

    15. Reduced Risk of Lumbar Pain

    16. Here's Tera Looking Confident and Energetic!

    17. Increased Confidence and Energy

    1. Your Kinetic Chain is Like a Rock Tower!

    2. How Muscles Affect Our Kinetic Chain

    3. Kinetic Chain Alignment

    1. Welcome to Part 3 and Factors that Influence Alignment

    2. Factors Affecting Alignment

    3. Reasons: A. Heriditary: It's in the Genes!

    4. Tera with Lifestyle: What Does Your Client Do All Day? What Does Your Client Wear?

    5. Reasons: B. Lifestyle

    6. Posture Mini break with breathing

    7. What to do after being sedentary for longer periods?

    8. Other Reasons: Weakness, Impaired Vision/Hearing, Occupation

    9. Here's Tera with How Muscle Weakness Affects Alignment!

    10. Tera on How Impaired Sensory Organs (Like Vision and Hearing) Can Affect Posture

    11. Accidents and Excess Weight Can Change Posture

    12. Sports and the Kinetic Chain

    13. Our Devices and Our Posture

    1. Tera: Assessing Posture: Kyphosis, Lordosis, Forward Head, Posterior Tilt and Everything in Between!

    2. Part 4: Types of Posture: Forward Neck and Kyphosis

    3. Tera with How to Cue Neutral Pelvis to Optimize the Kinetic Chain

    4. Posterior and Anterior Tilt

    5. Scoliosis Tree

    6. Scoliosis

    7. Chest, Knees, and Feet

    8. Feet and First MTP.pdf

    1. Part 5: Assessing Posture with Tera: General Observation

    2. Part 5: Assessing Posture

    3. Optimizing the Kinetic Chain in All the Planes of Motion

    4. Husband Tom Posture

    5. Kerry's Husband Tom Volunteers to Be a Posture Model Midway Through a Trail Run

    6. Trunk Movements with Tom

    7. Functional Movements

    8. Assessing Sit to Stand - Is nose over toes the right verbal cue?

    9. Functional Movements Continued

    10. Assessing Floor to Stand

    11. 4 Point with Your Kinetic Chain

    12. Assess: one leg hip hinge, one knee, and all 4s

    13. Radiometry and Goniometry

    14. Progressing the 4 Point

    15. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF): It is Good to Look at Combinations of Movements in Upper and Lower Extremities

    16. PNF: Movement Pattern in Lower Extremity: Combination Flexion/Extension with Abd/Adduction and Internal/External Rotation

    17. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.pdf

    1. Our First Contact with the Ground...Let's Get Started

    2. The foot is connected to the hip bone..

    3. Alignment from the Ground Up: Foot and Ankle

    4. What about shoe curvature and orthotics?

    5. Intrinsic Foot Exercises

    6. Intrinsic Towel Curl

    7. Working the important Tibilias Posterior

    8. Active foot and ankle exercises

    9. Looking at larger ankle exercises and gait

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