Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Outcome Measures from Tera and Kerry!

    2. Outcome Measures: Why Use Them in Your Practice?

    1. Properties of Outcome Measures: Floor and Ceiling Effects

    2. Choosing an Outcome Measure

    1. Outcome Measures for Hips and Knees: 30 sec Sit to Stand

    2. What you say matters - to cheer or not to cheer.

    3. Here's a Demo of 30 sec Chair Stand Test

    4. 5x Sit to Stand

    5. 40 m and 10 m walk test

    6. Here's a Demo of 40 m walk test

    7. The TUG. Falls risk - don't want our older adults to fall or our kiddos on the ski hill!

    8. Timed Up and Go (TUG)

    9. TUG demo with walking aid

    10. 6 Minute Walk Test shows you can complete a snow hike!!

    11. 6 Minute Walk Test

    12. U of T i-walk values

    13. The ability to complete stairs gives your clients access to more environments!

    14. Stair Climb Test

    15. Demo of stair climb test with weak leg.

    1. Patient Reported Outcome Measures

    2. PROM: Oxford Hip

    3. What is HOOS?

    4. Oxford Knee

    5. KOOS.pdf

    6. When Might You Use the Forgotten Joint, HAAS, and LEFS?

    7. Forgotten Joint, HAAS, and LEFS

    1. Let's look at the components of the SPPB!

    2. What is the SPPB?

    3. Try to complete the Balance portion of the SPPB with Kerry!

    4. Comparing support versus not support for balance set up. It makes a difference!

    1. Kerry talks about "Seniors Fitness Testing"

    2. Senior's Fitness Testing

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